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Genius Light®

Genius Light®
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Talika brings together all the benefits of its Light Therapy combined with patented Swiss micro current stimulations technologies, in an easy to wear face device.

Treatments and benefits:
Genius Light proposes 8 easy to use treatments:



After 1 use:

  • GLOBAL ANTI AGEING (a 2 minutes and 45 seconds treatment):
  • a/ On sagging chin:  15.2% improvement
    b/ Face firmness: 6.2% improvement
    c/ Forehead wrinkles (horizontal and vertical) depth:  12% improvement (less depth)

  • RADIANCE BOOST (a 3 minutes treatment):
    Overall skin radiance: 7 % improvement



1. Light Therapy Technology:
Talika famous Light technology based on NASA research on the potential of light energy.
Talika and numerous studies have proved the potential of certain light wavelength (seen by humans as light colours) to help treat the skin such as:
- Orange light proven ability to help boost the production of Collagen, helping restructure the skin and improve its appearance;
- Green light  proven ability to regulate the production of melanin, helping fight dark spot and improving the brightness of the skin;
- Red light ability to fight redness and some skin inflammations and help accelerate skin repair.

2. Electro-stimulation Technology:

7 electrostimulation functions to maximise the potential of the action of light on the skin:

  1. Firming microcurrent: smoothes 1st wrinkles and firms the skin.
  2. “Lifting” microcurrent: reduces lines and wrinkles, firms the skin.
  3. Tonifying millicurrent: “oxygenates” the skin and improves skin tonicity.
  4. “Radiance boost” microcurrent: stimulates local microcirculation, creates a rosier skin tone.
  5. Calming millicurrent: stimulates the secretion of endorphins, naturally soothing and relaxing molecules.
  6. Ionophoresis: enhances the penetration and effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.
  7. Reverse ionophoresis: helps to “detoxify” the epidermis and counter pollution. 
  • Turn on Genius Light
  • Choose the programme you prefer
  • Dampen the face with a thermal water spray, or with your usual skin cream/
  • essence to facilitate the conduction.
  • Place Genius Light on the face and secure the strap.
  • Press the central button to start the pre-selected programme.
  • Activate the EMS function if simultaneous electrostimuation is desired.
  • Resume normal acitivity and the programme will automatically stop.
  • Another programme can be chosen

Genius Light Mask Quick Start:


  • Eight beauty programs on demand combining different technologies according to the user’s need (anti-aging, anti-blemish, anti-stress…) and the face areas. 


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Question about forehead and chin

interesting product, but what about the uncovered area like forehead and chin as showed in the video? those parts have no treatment? is the lights suitable for eyes too?

Dear Sze, Genius Light, although it only covers the eyes area, is designed to act on the whole face including the forehead and lower chin. Its directional leds are targeting the whole face surface and the micro currents are applied to a nerve center that diffuses to the whole face. The eyes are covered for protection.. Talika 'Youth booster' should be used for the treatment of the eye contour area. Thanks for your questions :-)