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Eyelash Growth Products

Tired of having to rely on false lashes? Or worried that the eyelash extension process might eventually damage your natural ones? There is a seemingly universal desire of having beautiful, thick, and long lashes. Get ready to achieve luscious lashes in the comfort of your home in Hong Kong with TALIKA’s eyelash growth products and legendary serum.

Say goodbye to lash extensions and false lashes and say hello to naturally longer and fuller lashes.

Discover naturally long and voluminous lashes with TALIKA eyelash growth serums and makeup products

Our collection of advanced skincare and make-up products features TALIKA’s legendary botanical complex that helps stimulate the growth of your lashes naturally. The blend of tripeptide, amaranth peptides, and provitamin B5 in our eyelash growth products work together to hydrate and stimulate the cellular renewal of your eyelashes while making it thicker, stronger, and shinier.

Here at TALIKA, we are committed to delivering innovative products with cutting edge formula’s that produce effective and clinically proven results. Our iconic eyelash growth serum is a unique treatment that has been enhancing eyelashes with active botanicals for over 70 years. Moreover, our selection of eyelash growth serums, mascara, and eyeliner can help improve the condition of your lashes and protect them from future damage caused by aging, environmental pollution as well as daily wear and tear.

Professionally tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, all of our eyelash growth products have gone through clinical trials and have been tested on real people with safe and effective results. Experience impeccable results and enhance your beauty with TALIKA’s eyelash growth products today.