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Secret Beauty Hacks of Talika Devices You Didn't Know About

How often do you mask up? What is your habit of using beauty masks? Some people use beauty masks daily, while some people believe that 30 minutes is the best duration to moisturize our skin. There are a lot of question marks on how to use beauty masks so it becomes a game-changer with skin glowing results. Talika team suggests you pair beauty masks with beauty devices - to increase the absorption and efficacy of your masks.


Hack 1 – Pair Bio Enzymes Masks x Genius Light

Result: Increases serum absorption and efficacy

Putting a sheet mask on your skin for a long time may not be a good idea. It will re-absorb the moisture and water molecules from your skin and make it even worse than before! Our Bio Enzyme Masks are made with biocellulose, not only does it give a 3D structure that closely adheres to our skin to optimize our nutrients absorption, but it also avoids the problem of reverse absorption.


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Hack 2 – The best-valued device:  Time Control

Our skin under our eyes is 5 times thinner than the other parts, this is why we need to take special care of it. Time Control offers 2 light-therapy wavelengths and the micro-current technology gently firming, promoting anti-wrinkle and anti-stress under your eyes. A secret tip to you - apply Time Control over eye serum or eye patch! This will enhance the penetration and absorption of nutrients

We recommend you to massage more gently on your ‘smile’ lines so as to get rid of them!

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What makes the Talika team proud of our devices?

Talika uses cutting edge technologies where the effectiveness is proven by clinical tests. We do not make any false claims on our devices. Besides, there are lots of functions and treatments combined in one device, but our price is affordable and with high cost performances.  Devices from Talika can work well with Bio Enzyme Masks, our wide variety of eye masks or even masks from other brands! However, we do advise you to choose the masks that are made by biocellulose, so as to maximize the efficiency of your skincare routines. 

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Struggling to start with using which device? Drop us a message and our beauty consultant will get back to you the soonest to give you the most professional suggestions!

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