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How to transition your skincare routine from Summer to Autumn

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As seasons change, our skin also go through major changes. Cooler weather means loss of moisture, higher sensitivity, damaged skin barrier and the list goes on. No need to panic. Talika Team gives you a few tips to transition your skincare routine from summer to fall.  

1. Switch to a heavier moisturiser

Talika Hydrating Rich Cream

Time to say goodbye to your trusty lightweight, oil-free moisturiser that you have been using all summer. Fall is the perfect time to switch to a heavier and thicker moisturiser to prepare for the cool months ahead. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and prebiotics, Talika’s Hydrating Rich Cream will deeply moisturise your skin while also protecting it from external aggressions. What more to ask for?

2. Add a serum to your routine

Talika Hydrating Serum

There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile by adding a hydrating serum. With their moisture-boosting properties, serums will ensure that moisture is well sealed in your skin and not lost, preventing your skin from drying out and repairing the skin barrier that may have been damaged due to the summer heat. Look no further than Talika’s Hydrating Serum which will soothe and rebalance your skin on top of hydrating it of course.

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3. Mask up for extra protection

 Talika Bubble Mask

If you like to pamper yourself, we suggest including a face mask every now and then in your night-time routine. Face masks are a great way to extra care for your skin, especially after all those long sunny days during the summer which may have caused dryness or clogged pores. Thanks to its unique formula, Talika’s Bubble mask will free your pores from accumulated toxins, hydrate and fortify your skin, making it your best friend for this summer to fall transition.

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