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Eye Contour Devices l Anti-Aging Devices for Eyes

Discover a new generation of eye contour devices with TALIKA’s anti-aging technology. Our cutting edge eye contour products will help revive tired, overworked eyes and eliminate dark circles and puffiness for firmer and brighter under eye area. TALIKA’s anti-aging eye contour devices use microcurrent technology to stimulate collagen and elastin to help fortify and smoothen your eye contour area for improved circulation and brighter and tighter skin.

Achieve firmer and more youthful skin under your eyes with TALIKA anti-aging handheld devices for eyes

Offering precise and targeted treatment, TALIKA’s high-tech anti-aging devices utilize clinically proven microcurrent technology and LED light therapy to target signs of aging and tone the skin surrounding your eye contour. Suitable for daily use, experience brighter and more lifted eyes with TALIKA’s handheld anti-aging device that leaves the eye contour feeling firmer and smoother in as little as 28 days.

Fast and visible results

Apart from being incredibly easy to use, each TALIKA anti-aging device for eyes delivers noticeable results in just 1 minute. Those who use TALIKA’s eye contour products like the Time Control+ have reported results as good as a reduction in eye bag volume of 14.6% and up to 20.3% smoother wrinkles. Our anti-aging devices for eyes work through a two-stage process. The first consists of detoxifying and cleansing the skin, while the second focuses on regenerating the area around your eyes. Each device uses the anti-aging properties of different wavelengths of light to give the subepidermal tissues around your eyes the treatment they need to stay youthful for years to come.

Long-term results that give you youthful eyes

No matter how expensive and potent your eye cream, it will only temporarily mask the symptoms and not treat the root cause. But with Time Control and Time Control+ you can preserve and even restore the youthful quality of your delicate eye contour area. Both devices are clinically tested to effectively rejuvenate the eye contour area by reducing crow's feet, fine lines, and even eye bags, all the while stimulating collagen to tighten the skin around your eyes.