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Time Control+

Time Control+

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Youth lies in your Eye 

Effective from the 1st minute : 

  • Eye bags volume: up to -14.6%*
  • Wrinkles smoothing: up to -20.3%**


Time Control+

New generation eye contour anti-aging device. Works in 2 phases :

PROGRAMME 1 : « detoxifying »

  • Scrubbing: thoroughly cleanses the skin (of pollution, impurities, etc.) via a galvanic current using inverse ionophoresis.
  • Decongestant: stimulates the microcirculation, reduces puffiness, promotes soft diffusion of micro-currents - (electrostimulation).
  • Eye contour illuminator: targets dark melanin circles with 525 nm green light.

PROGRAMME 2 : regenerating

  • Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firmness: 590 nm orange light stimulates fibroblasts, boosts the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Anti-inflammation (cutaneous micro-inflammations responsible for early aging): 630 nm red light soothes.
  • «Lifting», firming: gentle diffusion of micro-currents - (electrostimulation).



Combines 2 avant-garde technologies:

  • Light Therapy® LED
Inspired by the work of NASA, we discovered that each wavelength has a specific cosmetic benefit that has been proven and identified.
Pulsatile orange light (590 nm): anti-wrinkles
Stimulates fibroblasts, reduces deep wrinkles and lines (crow’s feet, frown lines), firms the thin skin around the eye. -30% wrinkle volume**
Red light (630 nm): anti-redness
Regulates inflammatory cytokines, soothes and reduces redness, helps regenerate the skin. -34% redness***
Green light (525 nm): anti-dark spots
Regulates melanocytes, reduces brown spots and homogenises the complexion. -46% intensity of spots****
  • Electrostimulation (micro-currents)
The Nobel Prize in Medicine 1991, confirms the use of micro-currents since 1995 to treat bone fractures, scarring and pain, and have been used in cosmetic medicine of the face since 2006.
Low intensity micro-currents have the capacity to stimulate all living organisms and especially skin cells by increasing by 500% the production of ATP, the energy source for the cells that creates collagen and elastin. They have an immediate and long-term effect on the firmness of the face and wrinkles.


  • Microstimulation : gentle diffusion of electrical impulses stimulating the subepidermal tissues.
  • Ionotherapy:
Micro-current ionophoresis: imperceptible micro-currents that increase skin permeability to
improve the penetration of cosmetic cares.
Inverse ionophoresis micro-currents: help to purify the epidermis.





Talika's beauty device is covered by this Warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

*Clinical test - 30 subjects - after 1 use of 1 minute - average -6%
**Clinical test - 30 subjects - after 1 use of 1 minute - average -8.9%


**Devices are Not available for delivery to Taiwan, Thailand and China**

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