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Genius Light

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8 avant-garde cares 


After 1 use:

  • GLOBAL YOUTH RENEWAL (3 minutes and 45 seconds treatment) :
    • On sagging chin:  15.2% improvement
    • Face firmness: 6.2% improvement
    • Forehead wrinkles (horizontal and vertical) depth: 12% improvement (less depth)
  • RADIANCE BOOST (3 minutes treatment) :
    Overall skin radiance: 7 % improvement


Genius Light

Talika brings together all the benefits of patented Swiss micro current stimulations technologies combined to its famous Light Therapy, in an easy to wear face device.


1. Electro-stimulation Technology :

Talika uses cutting edge TENS technologies (formerly mostly used in medical applications) to send message to muscles through the nerves, in a way that closely mimics how our brain sends orders to the muscles of our body.
This minimises discomfort and ensure optimum efficiency, safely.
The messages sent to muscle are a complex set of instructions allowing the muscle to work in a natural fashion.  It can order the muscle to relax, contract, increase its internal oxygenation, etc.

7 electrostimulation functions are used either by alone or in combination:

  1. Firming microcurrent: smoothes 1st wrinkles and firms the skin.
  2. “Lifting” microcurrent: reduces lines and wrinkles, firms the skin.
  3. Tonifying millicurrent: “oxygenates” the skin and improves skin tonicity.
  4. “Radiance boost” microcurrent: stimulates local microcirculation, creates a rosier skin tone.
  5. Calming millicurrent: stimulates the secretion of endorphins, naturally soothing and relaxing molecules.
  6. Ionophoresis: enhances the penetration and effectiveness of cosmetic treatments.
  7. Reverse ionophoresis: helps to “detoxify” the epidermis and counter pollution. 


2. Light Therapy Technology :

Talika famous Light technology based on NASA research on the potential of light energy.
Talika and numerous studies have proved the potential of certain light wavelength (seen by humans as light colours) to help treat the skin such as:

  • Orange light proven ability to help boost the production of Collagen, helping restructure the skin and improve its appearance;
  • Green light  proven ability to regulate the production of melanin, helping fight dark spots and improving the brightness of the skin;
  • Red light ability to fight redness and some skin inflammations and help accelerate skin repair.


Genius Light proposes 8 easy to use treatments


Origin : China



Genius Light Mask Quick Start:


  • Turn on Genius Light
  • Choose the programme you prefer
  • Dampen the face with a thermal water spray, or with your usual skin cream/
  • essence to facilitate the conduction.
  • Place Genius Light on the face and secure the strap.
  • Press the central button to start the pre-selected programme.
  • Activate the EMS function if simultaneous electrostimuation is desired.
  • Resume normal acitivity and the programme will automatically stop.
  • Another programme can be chosen



Eight beauty programs on demand combining different technologies according to the user’s need (rejuvenating, anti-blemish, anti-stress…) and the face areas. 


Talika's beauty device is covered by this Warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


**We recommend that people who are photophobic or pregnant women avoid using this product**

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shan Chang

Genius Light



Maria Jose Arques Zamora

El efecto se nota desde la primera vez que las usas

Vicky Valentim

I feel that unfortunately it doesn't cover the lowe part of the face

Genius Light

During the treatment, I cannot read the intensity levels on the display screen under the EMS programme and I do not know what level I've chosen.
I have already wet my face and the gold pads are in contact with my skin, but I cannot feel any vibration under the EMS programme .
Only little amount of light will reach forehead and lower chin.

Dear Ms Ho,
Here is a more detailed answer to your queries.
The intensity level needed depends on each indiviuals and the particular state of your skin at the time of treatment. The best way is to increase the intensity level by pressing on the top button until a slight sensation is felt. Stop there for a few seconds and add one or 2 more pressures on the button if needed. After using the device a couple of times, you will know how much intensity is needed for you (you can count the number of times you are clicking the button for example).
Regarding the light, although it looks like very little of it reaches the forehead and lower chin, it in fact does reaches these parts of the face with high intensity (one way to see this is to try the Genius Light in a dark place).
Many thanks for your very useful comments.

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