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Eye Therapy Patch (1 pair)

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SMOOTHED LOOK in 15 min!


In just 15 minutes**, the area around the eyes is smoother (89%), decongested (82%) and relaxed (82%).
After using Eye Therapy Patch, 99% of users report feeling better about themselves**!


Eye Therapy Patch 

The 1st re-usable eye smoothing patch with immediate effects*, inspired by healing  techniques.

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Incredibly effective at replenishing and rejuvenating the eyes in just 15 minutes, for its 20 years, Eye Therapy Patch has been one of Talika’s best-sellers for the past 20 years. Our gifted illustrator, Florence Balducci, has just dressed it up in the image of the city where is was born. Because yes, all Talika products are imagined in the City of Light. To celebrate the anniversary, the limited edition is a present for all of you.

Since it was launched in 2001, it has earned the undying loyalty of everyone who has tried it, including in the worlds of fashion and film. Eva Longoria, Brooke Shields, Missy Elliott, Jean Dujardin, Bill Murray and many others have adopted it to erase traces of fatigue before a film or photo shoot or in preparation for an award ceremony.

The secret of its effectiveness is due to an exclusive technology: a matrix of semi-solidified plant oils that gradually diffuses the key ingredients and stimulates their penetration into the skin. The patch itself is therefore “active,” unlike classic patches.

Gentle on the skin, Eye Therapy Patch can be rinsed with water and reused three times.

Rich in ceramides and plant oils (musk rose, wheat germ, avocado and shea butter), it has a triple-acting effect:
1.            Smoothing and filling in wrinkles
2.            Reducing dark circles and puffiness
3.            Moisturizing and restructuring the skin


Origin : Spain


  • Ceramides: restructuring and moisturizing.
  • Plant oils (musk rose, wheat germ, avocado): replenishing and regenerating.
  • Shea butter: soothing and nourishing.


Dermatologically tested.



For occasional use, after a late night, before an important meeting, in the case of tired eyes, and so on.
After cleaning and drying your skin, apply a patch under each eye, starting at the narrowest point of the inner corner.
Let sit for 15 to 30 minutes.
Store patches in their silver box between uses (patches reusable at least three times).
Cleaning: rinse with water and let air-dry.


* by Talika
** Satisfaction survey – 91 volunteers – % of voiced opinions

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