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Time Control+

Time Control+

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Youth lies in your Eye 

Effective from the 1st minute : 

  • Eye bags volume: up to -14.6%*
  • Wrinkles smoothing: up to -20.3%**



Time Control+

New generation eye contour anti-aging device. Works in 2 phases :

PROGRAMME 1 : « detoxifying »

  • Scrubbing: thoroughly cleanses the skin (of pollution, impurities, etc.) via a galvanic current using inverse ionophoresis.
  • Decongestant: stimulates the microcirculation, reduces puffiness, promotes soft diffusion of micro-currents - (electrostimulation).
  • Eye contour illuminator: targets dark melanin circles with 525 nm green light.

PROGRAMME 2 : regenerating

  • Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firmness: 590 nm orange light stimulates fibroblasts, boosts the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Anti-inflammation (cutaneous micro-inflammations responsible for early aging): 630 nm red light soothes.
  • «Lifting», firming: gentle diffusion of micro-currents - (electrostimulation).




Combines 2 avant-garde technologies:

  • Light Therapy® LED
Inspired by the work of NASA, we discovered that each wavelength has a specific cosmetic benefit that has been proven and identified.
Pulsatile orange light (590 nm): anti-wrinkles
Stimulates fibroblasts, reduces deep wrinkles and lines (crow’s feet, frown lines), firms the thin skin around the eye. -30% wrinkle volume**
Red light (630 nm): anti-redness
Regulates inflammatory cytokines, soothes and reduces redness, helps regenerate the skin. -34% redness***
Green light (525 nm): anti-dark spots
Regulates melanocytes, reduces brown spots and homogenises the complexion. -46% intensity of spots****
  • Electrostimulation (micro-currents)
The Nobel Prize in Medicine 1991, confirms the use of micro-currents since 1995 to treat bone fractures, scarring and pain, and have been used in cosmetic medicine of the face since 2006.
Low intensity micro-currents have the capacity to stimulate all living organisms and especially skin cells by increasing by 500% the production of ATP, the energy source for the cells that creates collagen and elastin. They have an immediate and long-term effect on the firmness of the face and wrinkles.


  • Microstimulation : gentle diffusion of electrical impulses stimulating the subepidermal tissues.
  • Ionotherapy:
Micro-current ionophoresis: imperceptible micro-currents that increase skin permeability to
improve the penetration of cosmetic cares.
Inverse ionophoresis micro-currents: help to purify the epidermis.







Talika's beauty device is covered by this Warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase. https://www.talika.com.hk/pages/warranty-policy



    *Clinical test - 30 subjects - after 1 use of 1 minute - average -6%
    **Clinical test - 30 subjects - after 1 use of 1 minute - average -8.9%



    **Devices are Not available for delivery to Taiwan, Thailand and China**

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    very disappointed . although just few days, but nothing can see.
    can I return ? can I get refund ?

    unexpected cash coupon

    I never think one single purchase allowed me to redeem a $300 cash coupon! At the same time I wanna try their Lipocils Platinium to grow a longer eyelashes... this 300$ coupon makes it more prefect

    Extremely disappointed! Worst quality ever!

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing regarding the time control product I have recently purchased. I am a fan of your company devices for many years and I have a lot of your devices such as the other eye contour device. It works greatly and have performs stunning results. However it’s starting to get old so I got your new product - time control.

    I regret to inform you, this product is Extremely Disappointing! I am furious on how bad the quality of it is and I don’t even think it’s worth half the price I paid for! I have recently got this and only used it for a couple of days and the side of the gold texture is already ruined?! How is that even possible?! How can an eye contour device not be able to handle simple eye cream products?! I have never came across this problem with the previous version, and the previous one is still in very good quality.

    I am extremely upset and furious with this purchase, I would like a full refund. Please let me know have your company change the quality of the previous one as well? I would much rather repurchase the previous one if only the quality stays the same as the one I have.

    Please get back to me ASAP. Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    PY TAM