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Eyebrow Lipocils Ink - Deep Brown

Eyebrow Lipocils Ink - Deep Brown

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S.O.S. eyebrows

After 14days of Satisfaction Test :

  • Product satisfaction: 100%
  • Denser eyebrows: 92%
  • Sublimated look: 90%
  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows: 95%
  • Less scattered eyebrows: 95%
  • Strengthened eyebrows: 89%



Eyebrow Lipocils Ink

You can now lastingly correct your eyebrows’ appearance with a single ritual. Thin, sparse and overwaxed eyebrows can regain their natural beauty. The browline fills back in for instantly more compelling eyes.




  • Stimulates the growth of eyebrows making them thicker, stronger and ”fills“ spars eyebrows.
  • Improves the quality of the bulb cells to promote ”the anchoring“ of the root of the eyebrow, halts its fall. Anti-aging effect.
  • Stimulates the synthesis of melanin, the natural pigment of the eyebrow, to give more character to the look.
  • To redefine the line of the eyebrows and fill in the holes from the 1st application.




  • Mythical Lipocourcils Plant Complex
  • Peptide Expert
  • Coleus
  • Growth stimulant
  • Cosmetic formula (Chestnut color)




  • Apply on clean and dry eyebrows free from lotions or any other creamy solutions
  • Apply again if necessary, especially in areas that are more sparse
  • Remove with makeup remover
  • Apply it every morning
  • 1- 2-month treatment to be renewed periodically

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