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SKINTELLIGENCE HYDRA - Face Moisturising Micellar Solution (Best by: 02/2024)

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Enriched with prebiotics, the Face Moisturising Micellar Solution cleanses your face and eyes and even removes waterproof make-up.

After the 1st application*:

• Softer skin 95%
• Clearer skin 90%

After 7 days of use**:

• Soothed skin 92%
• Hydrated 91%
• Healthier-looking skin 90%


Face Moisturising Micellar Solution


The latest innovation from Talika Research, SKINTELLIGENCE is the first facial skincare range aimed at strengthening the natural intelligence of your skin*.

Your skin has had original intelligence ever since you were born due to a close relationship with its microbiome, a flora of beneficial microorganisms that protects it from unwanted microbes and stimulates the skin's defences. The cutaneous microbiome is essential to the preservaDon of your skin's health and beauty.

SKINTELLIGENCE HYDRA takes care of the microbiome by providing prebiotics: food specific to good bacteria and extracts of probiotics: fragments of micro-organisms that stimulate the skin's natural defences.
Thanks to SKINTELLIGENCE HYDRA, your skin can defends itself and regenerate more effectively when faced with external aggressions. Skin is visibly more beautiful and radiant.

Enriched with prebiotics, the Face Moisturising Micellar Solution removes impurities and make-up while sealing in the skin's natural moisture. Its aqueous structure removes make-up without leaving any greasy residue on the face, giving a pleasant feeling of freshness and purity. Face Moisturising Micellar Solution leaves your skin softer, clearer and soothed. Suitable for all skin types.


Prebiotic Seaweed Extract

• Chlorella Vulgaris is a green microalgae similar to spirulina, which has many beneficial properties for all skin types:

- Rebalances the cutaneous microbiome by specifically feeding the good bacteria to the detriment of the bad ones
- Stimulates cell renewal
- Reduce skin micro-inflammations and redness. 

• Vegetable Propanediol: Hydrates and softens 

• From Corn and Coconut: Gentle cleansing agent


97% ingredients of natural origin.



Morning and evening, soak a codon pad and apply to the face, eyes and neck. Do not rinse.


*Satisfaction test - 107 volunteers - after 1 day of use - % expressed
**Satisfaction test - 106 volunteers - after 7 days of use - % expressed

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